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Following to the recent questions we had here.

I was hopping to know if anyone had come across or can share R code for performing a custom power analysis based on simulation for a linear model?

Later I would obviously like to extend it to more complex models, but lm seems to right place to start. Thanks.

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I'm not sure you need simulation for a simple regression model. For example, see the paper Portable Power. For more complex models, specifically mixed effects, the pamm package in R performs power analyses through simulations. Also see Todd Jobe's post which has R code for simulation.

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The Portable Power link is broken. If somebody can update the link, that would be great. Thx. – Brian P Sep 27 '14 at 18:20

Here are a few sources of simulation code in R. I'm not sure if any specifically address linear models, but perhaps they provide enough of an example to get the gist:

There's another couple of examples of simulation at the following sites:

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