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Is there any free desktop software for treemapping? Every one I've found appears to have a commercial license. Many Eyes is free and has treemapping features but what I'm really looking for is downloadable desktop software.

Thanks in advance.


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Flowing Data has a tutorial on how to use the function in the portfolio package in R.

Thanks, Jeromy. Actually this is even better than what I asked. – Carlos Accioly Aug 26 '10 at 14:25

Protovis has an nice treemap layout. I could try to add this into webvis if you want to create it from R, but it isn't currently an option.


While I haven't used either of these, I have these two projects bookmarked:

Both are implemented in Java, are free and open source (MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses, respectively). Both appear to be actually libraries, but seem to come with an example application.


While commercial, Macrofocus provides a free 30-days evaluation of their TreeMap software.


The treemap package for R is superior - better look, much more flexible - to the function in package portfolio featured in FlowingData's tutorial.


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