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Is there any free desktop software for treemapping? Every one I've found appears to have a commercial license. Many Eyes is free and has treemapping features but what I'm really looking for is downloadable desktop software.

Thanks in advance.

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Flowing Data has a tutorial on how to use the map.market function in the portfolio package in R.

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Thanks, Jeromy. Actually this is even better than what I asked. –  Carlos Accioly Aug 26 '10 at 14:25

Protovis has an nice treemap layout. I could try to add this into webvis if you want to create it from R, but it isn't currently an option.

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While I haven't used either of these, I have these two projects bookmarked:

Both are implemented in Java, are free and open source (MIT and Apache 2.0 licenses, respectively). Both appear to be actually libraries, but seem to come with an example application.

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While commercial, Macrofocus provides a free 30-days evaluation of their TreeMap software.

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The treemap package for R is superior - better look, much more flexible - to the map.market function in package portfolio featured in FlowingData's tutorial.

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