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I'm the author of a new Baum Welch trainer using MapReduce for the Apache Mahout project (

I'm looking for an example with a reasonably small data set which I can use to demonstrate the usage of the trainer I have developed.

Does anyone here know of any online demonstrations for this training which go beyond the normal "toy" examples? I'm interested in typical HMM training application areas--bioinformatics, NLP, Signal Processing etc.

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A simple example from bioinformatics that is often used to teach students how to train a HMM with Baum-Welch are the CpG islands:

The problem is pretty straightforward when you have sequences of CpG islands and some reference sequences, and should be solvable in short time.

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This isn't my field, so take this with a grain of salt.

I do know, however, that Hidden Markov Models play a huge role in speech recognition applications. Here's a very highly-cited paper, which I believe is the basis for a lot of current methods. I also know that the most common benchmark data set for this is called TIMIT, although I think there are better ones now.

Hope this is useful.

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