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I am looking for social network datasets (twitter, friendfeed, facebook, lastfm, etc.) for classification tasks, preferably in arff format.

My searches via UCI and Google weren't successful so far... any suggestions?


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Check out the Stanford large network dataset collection: SNAP.


A large index of facebook pages was created and is available as a torrent (It is ~2.8Gb)

Twitter datasets are tagged on Infochimps:

A lastfm dataset is available at


visit the Max Planck institute. They have also collected several datasets for OSNs.

link: – Kazem Nov 16 '10 at 7:19

Just found this: 476 million Twitter tweets (via @yarapavan).


We have curated a Twitter dataset for friends of users in 2009 and then in 2009. You can find more information here:


Check out , they have some contests about social networks and they give out datasets.

Also, Stanford's SNAP is a great resource. And it has research works to boot.


Facebook social graph, application installations and users, events, groups at

Two datasets (collected April-May 2009) which contain representative samples of ~1 million users Facebook-wide, with a few annotated properties: for each sampled user, the friend list, privacy settings, and network membership are included. A third dataset ( collected Feb 2008) includes a bipartite graph that represents application installations by Facebook users. A fourth dataset with Daily Active Users and application installations over 6 months (collected Sept 2007-Feb 2008). A fifth dataset that includes a representative sample of users obtained using multigraph sampling (collected July 2010).


A good resource for finding datasets is:

/r/datasets on Reddit.

A quick glance at that page reveals this source, which might contain something useful for you.


This paper uses a facebook dataset that is available here. Here is the description from the authors:

The data includes the complete set of nodes and links (and some demographic information) from 100 US colleges and universities from a single-time snapshot in September 2005.