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After I have followed the advice I have been given on that website, I have been able to get some results, unfortunately I have some trouble understanding what I got:

original post : Here

edit : Direct link to image of results Here

So I need some clues on how to see if what I have is relevant. Also, to what does the 1, 2, 3 (e.g: month: 1, month: 2, month: 3) represent?

Hope someone will be able to help me

Thanks in advance!


So I have followed a link from the original post and used the VGAM library instead of the mlogit since my data was not formated for it. I ran then the vglm function and ran a summary. I got, in the end, those results.

I have red the presentation available on this website :

which says (I quote):

Educ is not significant (indicated by small magnitudes of t‐values) – run model without educ.

So I was wondering what means the "small magnitudes", shall I get rid of Month and Age (i.e: does the differences between the number counts or the fact that it is near 0 ?)

Also, how do I get the p-value ?

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Could you fix this up so it's more understandable? The link to the original post shows what caused an error. How did you fix it? What did you do to get the result you link to? – Peter Flom Dec 15 '12 at 12:13
I edited the text so it is clearer. Thanks for your time – Swiss_redditor Dec 15 '12 at 13:00

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