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I want to study association b/w continuous data (age) and dichotomous data (complication: yes/no), with "correction" for an ordinal variable (intra-operative nerve laesion).

I have a database of 427 patients, of whom 50 have suffered a post operative complication (altered sensation). The goal of this research is to analyse the influence of "age at operation" on the chance of the postoperative complication "altered sensation". "Intra-operative nerve laesion" was scored (0/1/2/3/4/5) and is an imported factor influencing "altered sensation". So this must be included in the analysis.

Hopefully somebody could help me with this analysis in SPSS.

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I believe you may safely take your "ordinal" variable as equi-interval one, like age, and do binary logistic regression with these two as the predictors ("covariates"). Or, if you want to transform your ordinal variable "optimally" nonlinearly into an interval one, you can do optimal scaling regression (CATREG) first, save the transformed predictor and then do the logistic regression.

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