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an estimate of the reliability (more precisely: the internal consistency) of tests. It is used mostly in psychology/psychometrics, but also in the wider social sciences.
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The Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) is a point forecast accuracy measure. As a percentage, it can be compared between forecasts for time series on different scales, and it is easily interpreted.…
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a point forecast accuracy measure. In the forecasting literature, Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) is used interchangeably.
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The Mean Absolute Scaled Error (MASE) was proposed by Hyndman & Koehler (2006, *International Journal of Forecasting*) as a scale free accuracy measure for point forecasts. It is defined as the ratio …
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a discriminative model that extends a standard maximum entropy classifier by assuming that the unknown values to be learnt are connected in a Markov chain rath…
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a probabilistic logic which applies the ideas of a Markov network to first-order logic, enabling uncertain inference.
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