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I'm an electrical engineer interested in finding applications for deep learning in computer-science and engineering fields. I enjoy working with embedded systems and playing with microcontrollers. Eventually, I want to bridge the gap between humans, machines, and AI, and find ways to combine them to make something greater than the sum of its parts. In my off-time, I learn about whatever interests me through online courses such as those offered by Coursera or edX.

I've made some pretty cool projects, such as a portable USB battery for charging phones while travelling, and an unsupervised image segmentation algorithm based on the work of Deng and Clausi that uses a Markov Random Field. Check it out, it's on Github. I once wrote a software-defined radio PSK31 transceiver using GNU Radio. I was also part of a group in university that went on to develop a third-place-finishing nanosatellite for the Canadian Satellite Design Challenge.

Github: github.com/JasonBens

Linkedin: linkedin.com/in/jasonbens

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