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Dave (dave@autobox.com) is currently a Senior Consultant at Automatic Forecasting Systems (215-394-8897). His doctorate dissertation on automatic modeling of time series was the basis for the technological advances in time series analysis. One of the founding principals of Automatic Forecasting Systems (AFS)( http://www.autobox.com ), his innovational leadership and statistical expertise is at the core of the success of AFS. He has over 40 years of experience in statistical consulting and expert system product development. Under his leadership and vision, AFS has lead the way in championing expert time series analysis this making these tools available to all. He has held teaching positions at Penn State University and the Drexel University Graduate School. Dave is well-founded both theoretically and in the practice of Management Science. Before founding AFS he held Senior management positions at General Electric, Celanese Corporation and The American Stock Exchange. Dave holds a B.A. in Statistics from CCNY, an M.S. in Statistics from Villanova University and an A.B.D. in Applied Economics from the University of Pennsylvania.

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