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Why are answers no longer being accepted from my account?

Stack Exchange has automatic filters in place to ban answers from accounts that have posted numerous low-quality answers in the past. These filters help keep the quality of our sites high.

Users who are banned from answering see the following error message when trying to post a new answer:

Sorry, we are no longer accepting answers from your account because most of your answers need improvement or do not sufficiently answer the question. See the Help Center to learn more.

Answer bans do not affect other privileges, such as commenting or voting, and there is no indication to the rest of the community that a particular user has been banned from posting.

How can I get out of an answer ban?

The ban will be lifted automatically by the system when it determines that your positive contributions outweigh those answers which were poorly received. 

Stack Exchange does not lift answer bans by request.

The only way to end a posting block is to positively contribute to the site; automatic bans never expire or "time out". Begin by fixing your existing answers; do not just post the same answer again or delete all of your existing answers. All answers are expected to be useful to future visitors, in addition to the original asker, so keep the following tips in mind when improving your answers:

  • Answer the question. Do not post an answer simply to say "thanks" or "I'm having this problem, too".
  • Do not post follow-up questions as answers. Ask a new question instead.
  • Use correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar to the best of your ability.
  • Provide context for links. Link-only answers are not good answers.

For additional guidance, see "How do I write a good answer?"

If you see a similar message when trying to post a question, please see our guidance on what to do about question bans.