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access review queues

Moderation privilege awarded at 500 reputation

Review queues contain posts that may need community attention, as determined by the system or other community users. You are shown these posts one at a time so that you can evaluate what, if any, action is needed. Individual reviews are known as review tasks. (For more information, see the Help Center page What are review queues?.)

You will gain access to different review queues based on your reputation, starting with the First questions, First answers, and Late answers queues at 500 reputation. You can access all review queues by clicking this icon that appears at the top of every page, near the right end of the top bar:

Screenshot showing the 5 icons at the right side of the top bar: an inbox icon (recent inbox messages), a trophy icon (recent achievements), an icon of a document with a checkmark at the bottom-right (review queues), a question-mark icon (for help center and other resources), and an icon of the Stack Exchange logo (for a list of all Stack Exchange sites). The icon for review queues is circled.

Each queue has a specific purpose, and each of the following Help Center pages will help you learn more about how to perform reviews in each queue:

(Note: The First questions, First answers, and Late answers queues do not exist on Meta sites.)