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reduce ads

Milestone privilege awarded at 200 reputation

What is reduced advertisements?

Once you reach the milestone of 200 reputation, certain ads are automatically disabled from view.

What will my view look like when these ads are disabled?

After achieving this privilege, the two "leaderboard" style ads will be automatically suppressed from question pages when logged in.

leaderboard ads greyed out

The areas in red are the leaderboard ads. The areas in gray are the sidebar ads, which will remain visible.

What about Meta sites?

Meta sites have no advertisements so this setting is not relevant for them.

But what if I still want to see those ads?

Ads can be beneficial - when done well, ads provide information about products and services that you (and other community members and site visitors) will find valuable, and they help to fund the ongoing maintenance and delivery of this site. We vet advertising seriously, and we are uncompromising in assuring certain standards. For instance, you will never see flash or animation on ads on this site or any other network site.

If you decide that you would like to see banner ads because they're useful or interesting to you, then you can disable this privilege in your profile. Click on "Edit Profile & Settings," then click on "Preferences." There will be an option for re-enabling these ads, should you wish:

toggle button for enabling advertisements