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access to site analytics

Milestone privilege awarded at 25,000 reputation

What are site analytics?

People who run websites use data about how the site is used to make informed decisions. Since our sites are community run, we give the most engaged users special access to some of the data we collect. Once you earn the privilege, you can visit /site-analytics to explore site statistics.


Two graphs show a timeline of posts and votes. Date selectors across the top of the page control the range of dates displayed:

Timeline controls

Site milestone dates are also provided and, if clicked, will change the start date of the graphs. Selecting the "Weekly" checkbox will change the data points to per week.

Data series can be toggled via checkboxes to the left of each chart:

Data series toggle allows users to show and hide four different options on the Votes table - accept votes, up and down votes (combined), upvotes, and downvotes.

Get a CSV copy of the displayed data suitable for offline analysis by clicking the "csv" link. Note that this data includes information on deleted posts.

How should I use this data?

Since this is a restricted privilege, we'd prefer you not share the raw data. However, we do hope you will share your analysis of the data with other users on meta. For instance, understanding asking and answering patterns over time can show changes in content creation while reviewing voting over time can indicate whether users are rating the content on the site.

Please don't feel any obligation to share this data. (And if you don't yet have the privilege, please don't pressure those who have into sharing.) It's mostly intended as a way to satisfy your own curiosity about the state of the community.