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types of data (ordinal, interval etc)

I have data from a questionnaire that uses likert scales only. The response options on the scale were regarding frequency, e.g. 'never' 'sometimes' and 'always'.

These responses were coded, with 'never' being given a 1, 'sometimes' being given a 2, and 'always' being given a 3. I understand that this is ordinal data as I used a likert scale.

However, I then summed all of the data up for the questionnaire by adding all of these coded values up for each question. So for example, if the questionnaire had 5 likert scales and someone answered all of them with the response of 'sometimes', then their answers would be coded as 2 and they therefore would have a total score of 10 for the questionnaire. Would this then become interval data or is it still somehow ordinal?