I've been trying to implement the Boltzmann machine 4-2-4 encoder that appeared in A Learning Algorithm for Boltzmann Machines. but I am unable to find clear pseudocode for doing it or more specific details. I have tried "Neural networks: algorithms, applications, and programming techniques" and Fausett books so far. Where can I find an implementation of the encoder or more specific details about it?


I finally implemented the Boltzmann machine for 4-2-4 encoder problem using several descriptions. You can find my implementation in this blog post.

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  • $\begingroup$ It is a problem of loading correctly the MathJax libraries on blogspot. It seems that I managed to solve the Latex rendering issue using the advice on this page link, hope it works for you. $\endgroup$ – Gorayni Jun 25 '14 at 4:21
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Salakhutdinov was a student of Hinton who has since moved to Microsoft.

http://www.cs.toronto.edu/~rsalakhu/DBM.html <-- here is working MatLab code for an RBM.

It's a bit of a mess, I'm a week into rewriting it. If I haven't updated this answer within a month, someone ping me and I will upload my rewrite to GitHub.


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