first of all - I am not really into regression analysis (I have performed some linear regressions) and my statistic/econometric skills are more or less elementary.

I have panel data (several countries over a certain time period) and I would like to apply a formula such as this:

enter image description here

Source: Button, Ngoe and Hine (1993)

The authors state that this is a "quasi"-logistic function. Now is there some sort of literature on logistic/quasi-logistic models that is easily understandable? Especially: how do I calculate these country specific constants c?

All that is said in the paper on this part is:

Cross-sectionally, countries vary in many ways which are impossible to quantify. In order to allow for these local features a set of dummy variables (c), one for each country, is included in the model. These take the values of unity if an observation relates to a country and zero otherwise. They are specified so that th error term varies across countries.

Thank you very much!


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