I am applying a GLM model with binomial family:

glm(response ~ Treatment, family = binomial, data=dat)

The only explaratory variable treatment is a categorical variable. The model fit turns out that the residuals clearly do not have equal variances among the treatment levels (heteroscedasticy). enter image description here

My question is 1) what I can do in this situation? A gam() is not meaningful for categorical variables. On the other hand, gls() is only applicable for linear model.

2) what if I have an extra random factor in the model (GLMM) and the residuals are still heterogeneous?

glmer(response~ Treatment + (1 | groupID), family = binomial, data=dat)

Is there any techniques or R packages can solve this?

This question is different from Regression modelling with unequal variance which asks similar situations with a linear model.



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