Is there a standard name for a multinomial choice model where the observations are in the form of binary questions such as "do you prefer A to B" and "do you prefer B to D"? This seems like a common occurrence, and the likelihood is easy enough to write out by hand, but I'm having trouble searching for references.


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Unless I misunderstood the question, this refers to paired preference (1) or pair comparison data. A well-known example of such a model is the Bradley-Terry model (2), which shares some connections with item scaling in psychometrics (3). There is an R package, BradleyTerry2, described in the JSS (2005) 12(1), Bradley-Terry Models in R, and a detailed overview in Agresti's CDA, pp. 436-439, with R code available in Laura Thompson's textbook, R (and S-PLUS) Manual to Accompany Agresti’s Categorical Data Analysis (2002) 2nd edition.


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