I have a basic question regarding pattern learning, or pattern representation. Assume I have a complex pattern of this form, could you please provide me with some research directions or concepts that I can follow to learn how to represent (mathematically describe) these forms of patterns? in general the pattern does not have a closed contour nor it can be represented with analytical objects like boxes, circles etc.

binary discrete pattern

  • $\begingroup$ How about performing PCA on the pattern dataset and then projecting each pattern onto PC space? $\endgroup$ – Zoran Jul 10 '14 at 20:59
  • $\begingroup$ As we know, PCA is most efficient when the random variables are following Gaussian distribution, while in this case they are binary (discrete and non gaussian). $\endgroup$ – c.Parsi Jul 10 '14 at 21:24
  • $\begingroup$ you may wanna look at kernel pca $\endgroup$ – Zoran Jul 10 '14 at 21:45

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