I'm currently working on the data which has 90% 0s in response variable. Based on my research, it seems zero inflated models could be a solution to this. However, while I was reading related documents, it seems the basic idea of two part model( hurdel) is

$ E[Y|X] = P(Y>0|X) E[Y|X,Y>0]$

The question is will it be okay if I use any model to get both P(Y>0|X) and E[Y|X,Y>0] ,and multiply the result of those two? More specifically, in R code would be like

#for first model
FirstModel=randomforest(Y,X) #random forest 

#for second model
SecondModel=glmnet(Y~X) #glm with L1 L2 penalty

#for E[Y|X] = P(Y>0|X) * E[Y|X,Y>0]
First_pred * Second_pred

Will this make sense in view of machine learning modeling strategy? In other wards, will this improve accuracy of prediction without considering interpretation?


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