I would like (in the distant future) to teach statistics to kids. For that matter, I'd be happy to know of software (obviously I am tending towards FOSS), or webapps, that are helpful in explaining statistical/probabilistic ideas to kids (or adults for that matter).

This can be used either by the instructor, the kids, or both.

Suggested format of the answer: Software name, what it help teach, who should use it, link.


Videos and animations from Understanding Uncertainty website.

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RcmdrPlugin.TeachingDemos: Rcmdr Teaching Demos Plug-In

Extending R with Rcmdr and give demos for probability and statistics ideas.

  • Interactive: correlation and linear regression.
  • Static: power of a test, confidence interval, central limit theorem.

Mostly for the teacher - less for the children




Help teach interactive data visualization. Including - histograms, scatter plots (2d, 3d, multi-d), with brushing/linking etc.

Mostly for the teacher - less for the children (but still possible)



animation: A Gallery of Animations in Statistics and Utilities to Create Animations

An R package. Enables the teacher to create many animation that can be made into webapps.

Great for the teacher to create a children webapp.


Examples: http://animation.yihui.name/


The University of Michigan Statistics Online Computational Resource (SOCR) provides hundreds of Java applets (require Java-enabled browsers) as well as JavaScript-based webapps that run in the browser directly. Some videos, documentation, learning activities are also provided.


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