I'd like to test the anova rbf kernel included in the kernlab package in caret. Following excelent tutorial (https://topepo.github.io/caret/custom_models.html) I've come up with the following code:

SVManova <- list(type = "Regression", library = "kernlab", loop = NULL)
prmanova <- data.frame(parameter = c("C", "sigma", "degree", "eps"),
                     class = rep("numeric", 4),
                     label = c("Cost", "Sigma", "Degree", "Eps"))
SVManova$parameters <- prmanova
    svmGridanova <- function(x, y, len = NULL) {
    sigmas <- sigest(as.matrix(x), na.action = na.omit, scaled = TRUE, frac = 1)
    expand.grid(sigma = mean(sigmas[-2]), epsilon = 0.000001,
                C = 2 ^(-5:len), degree = 1:2) # len = tuneLength in train
    SVManova$grid <- svmGridanova
svmFitanova <- function(x, y, wts, param, lev, last, weights, classProbs, ...) {
  ksvm(x = as.matrix(x), y = y,
       kernel = "anovadot",
       kpar = list(sigma = param$sigma, degree = param$degree),
       C = param$C, epsilon = param$epsilon,
       prob.model = classProbs,
       ...) #default type = "eps-svr"
SVManova$fit <- svmFitanova
    svmPredanova <- function(modelFit, newdata, preProc = NULL, submodels = NULL)
      predict(modelFit, newdata)
    SVManova$predict <- svmPredanova
svmProb <- function(modelFit, newdata, preProc = NULL, submodels = NULL)
  predict(modelFit, newdata, type="probabilities")
SVManova$prob <- svmProb
    svmSortanova <- function(x) x[order(x$C), ]
SVManova$sort <- svmSortanova

I then asked for the model to train some dataset:

set.seed(100) #use the same seed to train different models
svrFitanova <- train(R ~ .,
                data = trainSet,
                method = SVManova,
                preProc = c("center", "scale"),
                trControl = ctrl, tuneLength = 20,
                allowParallel = TRUE) #By default, RMSE and R2 are computed for regression (in all cases, selects the tunning and cross-val model with best value) , metric = "ROC"
#Print the results

But I get the following error:

Error in train.default(x, y, weights = w, ...) : 
  The tuning parameter grid should have columns C, sigma, degree, eps

I don't see why this error occurs.... tune grid has four columns as requested... Any ideas? Thanks


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In svmGridanova, change the variable name from epsilon to eps.


  • $\begingroup$ Of course. I also changed eps and Eps to epsilon. Thanks! $\endgroup$ – jpcgandre Aug 30 '14 at 19:40

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