I am reading the following paper:


and cannot seem to figure out how Jaynes is deriving (P2) and below (specifically the log arithmetic log[f(x)/f(0)]....)

Can someone help me out?

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    – Glen_b
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Equation $$ f(x)f(y)=g(\sqrt{x^2+y^2}) \qquad (*) $$ holds for every $x,y$. If $y=0$, then $(*)$ gives $g(|x|)=f(x)f(0)$ for every $x$. Using this in $(*)$ to "eliminate" $g$, we have $f(x)f(y)=f(\sqrt{x^2+y^2})f(0)$. Dividing by $(f(0))^2$ and taking the log on both sides we find $$ \frac{f(x)f(y)}{f(0)f(0)}=\frac{f\left(\sqrt{x^2+y^2}\right)}{f(0)} \, , $$ $$ \log\left(\frac{f(x)}{f(0)}\right)+\log\left(\frac{f(y)}{f(0)}\right)= \log\left( \frac{f\left(\sqrt{x^2+y^2}\right)}{f(0)}\right) \, . $$


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