I have a question about analysis method and I would be very grateful for the help! So, I have two groups: Active and Placebo, each group is measured for 20 different concentrations (from 1 to 20) 6 times (response_1 - response_6).

pic.1 Active resoults. pic.1 Active resoults.

pic.2 Placebo resoults. enter image description here

As you can see there are 3 peaks for every responses of Active group. Do any statistical methods exist to

  1. find correct concentrations of this peaks.
  2. prove that the peaks are not random, that it is the peaks but not the noise or some kind of outlier.
  3. compare Active and Placebo groups for whole curves or particular concentrations.

What analysis should I use for solve this problems?

Here is the file with RAW data in .csv format with ',' as delimiter.

Best regards!



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