Can I see the intervals and p values for each coefficient in elastic net model? I wrote:

elastNet<-cv.glmnet(pred, comp,alpha=.8,standardize = TRUE, family="binomial",type.measure="auc")

If I write the following I get the numbers, but no intervals.


Also I can add the parameter s (I guess is the lambda value)


To choose a lambda value first I saw the graph:

enter image description here

And also considered:

> elastNet$lambda.min
[1] 0.0007603077
> elastNet$lambda.1se
[1] 0.01492515

So I decided to choose sth in the middle:


And I got 26 variables with values (I had 59).

I would like to know the confidence interval for each variable. Can I get some idea of this form the following graph?

enter image description here

Also, I f I need the KS measure, does the software provides it?

  • $\begingroup$ why do you want the confidence intervals? The parameter estimates are all biased and therefore any inference will be misleading. $\endgroup$
    – Jacob H
    Commented Jun 8, 2018 at 22:27

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I don't think this is currently possible; see these slides [PDF] of Rob Tibshirani. Slide 13 mentions they can't yet provide a p-value for terms in a lasso model. Those slides describe a test that gives p-values of terms as they enter the Lasso model.

One further assumes therefore that confidence intervals are not available either.


There is the selectiveInference package in R, https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/selectiveInference/index.html, that provides confidence intervals and p values for your coefficients fitted by the LASSO, based on the following paper:

Stephen Reid, Jerome Friedman, and Rob Tibshirani (2014). A study of error variance estimation in lasso regression. arXiv:1311.5274

I think the approach would require some modifications for the elastic net though...


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