My data has 3168x7 (being targets the first column). I´m trying to do SVR-RBF.

I did 10fold , and gotta better results with gamma 8.

But, when apllied to my external test set, I gotta bad results (overfit?).

So, I tried to minimize gamma, and get good results (in the test set) with 0.0625.

How this is possible ?

Why I´m getting good cross validation results, and bad test results ?

Why I´m getting worse cross validation results, and better test results ?

Thanks in advance.



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High values of $\gamma$ (low bandwidth) induce more complex models. It seems that you have a classical case of overfitting on the training set. However, cross-validation should pick up on this as well, since it is intended to provide good estimates of generalization performance.

Cross-validation works assuming the test set is similar to the training set. Is this the case in your application or is it possible that your test set is fundamentally different?

  • $\begingroup$ Marc, both training and test sets are artificially done by an simulator. What I did was, for the training, simulation of targets 1 and 5, so, for the test set, Ive simulated 3 for example. The data has the same fundamental origins. $\endgroup$ Nov 11, 2014 at 15:21

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