The title is quite self-explanatory - I'd like to know if there's any other parametric technique apart from repeated-measures ANOVA, that can be utilized in order to compare several (more than 2) repeated measures?


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Multilevel/hierarchical linear models can be used for this. Essentially, each repetition of the measure is clustered within the individual; individuals can then be clustered within other hierarchies. For me, at least, it's more intuitive than repeated-measures ANOVA.

The canonical text is Raudenbush and Bryk; I'm also really fond of Gelman and Hill. Here's a tutorial I read some time ago - you may or may not find the tutorial itself useful (that's so often a matter of personal taste, training and experience), but the bibliography at the end is good.

I should note that Gelman and Hill doesn't have a ton on multilevel models specifically for repeated measures; I can't remember if that's the case or not for Raudenbush and Bryk.

Edit: Found a book I was looking for - Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis by Singer and Willett has (I believe) an explicit focus on multilevel models for repeated measures. I haven't had a chance to read very far into it, but it might be worth looking into.

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