I am looking to learn Association Rules, from basic level. I was looking for some good web based materials to start with. My objectives in the materials is to:

(a) learn the aspect nicely from basic;

(b) work out sample problems;

(c) execute at least one project preferably in Python.

I tried to search Internet but found many links. I am looking for some good and reliable yet easy to learn source.

I thought to discuss the issue over here in the room of esteemed people.

If anyone may kindly guide me.


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Coursera course: Pattern Discovery in Data Mining is a very good source for this and its opening is talking about association mining.

It seems that scikit-learn hasn't had codes completed for Apriori yet but you are able to build your own version with some time learning.

Apriori is a very classic method and it's not difficult, I recommend that you start from here.

I am no expert on this so I am not sure if these will fit your needs.


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