I perform a latent class analysis to a dataset of binary variables with

alz <- data.blca(Alzheimer)
sj3.em <- blca.em(alz, 3)

Now I want to label my observations of Alzheimer given the likelihood of each belonging to one particular group.

I extract the estimate of class membership for each unique datapoint

class_memb <- sj3.em$Z

and label each unique datapoint according to the highest probability

labels_df <- apply(class_memb, 1, function(x) sample(names(x), 1, prob=x))

I collapse each row of my original dataset Alzheimer into a string of 1 and 0

row_sequence <- apply(compl_cases_all, 1, 
                      function(x) as.factor(paste0(x, collapse='')))

and finally I replace the sequence of each observation with my max probability

grouping <- labels_df[row_sequence]

And yet the classprob and my labelling don't match. And then when I test it on a larger dataset the gap between class probabilities and proportion of labels is even wider. Am I doing something wrong?

# [1] 0.50162847 0.47880396 0.01956757
# grouping
#    Group 1    Group 2    Group 3 
#  0.54166667 0.43750000 0.02083333 

NOTE: Question crossposted here. Didn't receive much attention there and probably CrossValidated is more appropriate.


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