I have seen reference to the W, V and T statistics all within the Wilcoxon Signed rank Test, and this has me confused. First question: Are these used interchangeably?

My test is the Wilcoxon Signed Rank Test because I'm comparing non-parametric matched scores for a before / after ordinal measurement scenario.

(If it's of interest, the pre / post scenario is basically whether respondents give different answers to the same question when extra information is added)

I gather from this very useful post here Output of one-tailed Wilcoxon sign rank test in R by @Glen_b that the V Statistic is simply the Signed Rank Statistics.

I presume this means I cannot extrapolate too much from the size of it? I.e I could have a P score of less than 0.05 with a large V statistic, or a P value of less than 0.05 with a low V statistic.

Second question: What can the V statistic tell me?

I am trying to work within the CrossValidated guidelines so please bear with me if I have made a mistake with this post.




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