I am trying to draw a plot of the decision function ($f(x)=sign(wx+b)$ which can be obtain by fit$decision.values in R using the svm function of e1071 package) versus another arbitrary values.

From svm documentation, for binary classification the new sample can be classified based on the sign of f(x), so I can draw a vertical line on zero and the two classes can be separated from each other. I’ve used the example form here.


# Subset the iris dataset to only 2 labels and 2 features
iris.part = subset(iris, Species != 'setosa')
iris.part$Species = factor(iris.part$Species)
iris.part = iris.part[, c(1,2,5)]

# Fit svm model
fit = svm(Species ~ ., data=iris.part, type='C-classification', kernel='linear')
> head(fit$decision.values)
51           -1.3997066
52           -0.4402254
53           -1.1596819
54            1.7199970
55           -0.2796942
56            0.9996141

Tabulate actual class labels vs. model predictions:

> table(Actual=iris.part$Species, Fitted=pred)
Actual       versicolor virginica
  versicolor         38        12
  virginica          15        35

Plot of decision function


enter image description here

It can be seen that there is 15 and 12 misclassified example in class 1 and class 2 respectively. The resulting plot for 3 class svm ; enter image description here

But not sure how to deal with multi-class classification; can anyone help me on that? Is there any way I can draw boundary line that can separate $f(x) $ of each class from the others and shows the number of misclassified observation similar to the results of the following table?

>fit = svm(Species ~ ., data=iris, type='C-classification', kernel='linear')
>pred = predict(fit, iris)

Tabulate actual class labels vs. model predictions:

> table(Actual=iris$Species, Fitted=pred)
Actual       setosa versicolor virginica
  setosa         50          0         0
  versicolor      0         46         4
  virginica       0          1        49

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