What is the difference between the hazard function, survival function, and retention rate in survival analysis?

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Hazard Function/Hazard Rate,say, $\lambda_i$:- probability of life not survive in the $i^{th}$ time interval($t_i-t_{i-1}$).

Survival Function,$S(t_i)$:- probability of life survive upto $t_i$.

Retention Rate,$1-\lambda_i$:- probability of Life survive in $i_{th}$ time interval($t_i-t_{i-1}$).


Relation between hazard rate and retention rate remains same(Retention Rate=1- Hazard Rate)

But relation with Survival Function may differ, like in Kaplan-Meier method $S(t_i)=\prod_i (1-\lambda_i)$ and in Nelson-Aalen $S(t_i)=exp(-\sum_i\lambda_i)$

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Using testing light bulbs on a daily basis for example. (You count how many fail a day)

Hazard rate ---- 'Failures'/'number of current good bulbs' by day.

Survival rate ---- Proportion of the ones the remain OK by day.

Retention rate ---- 1 - 'hazard rate'

Plot the rates v.s. time(days) you get the functions.

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