In double generalized linear models where we assume $y$ follows an exponential dispersion model, where the mean can be modelled as

$$g(\mu_i)=x_i^T\beta,$$ and the dispersion $(\phi)$ can be modelled as

$$h(\phi_i)=z_i^T\lambda$$ I have read in multiple articles that the deviance, which is used as response in the dispersion submodel can be assumed to be gamma distributed, so we can fit $\phi$ using a gamma GLM, but I do not understand why the unit deviance is gamma distributed.


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The saddle-point approximation ensures that the unit deviance is approximately $\phi$ times a $\chi^2_1$ random variable, see Section 5.4.3 of my book with Peter Dunn (Dunn & Smyth, 2018). The scaled $\chi^2_1$ distribution is a special case of a gamma distribution.

In the simplest case of a normal linear model, the unit deviances are just the squared residuals $$d_i = (y_i-\mu_i)^2$$ In this case, standard normal linear assumptions imply that $$d_i \sim \phi \chi^2_1$$ where $\phi$ is the variance of $y_i$.

However, in Smyth (1989) I showed that the gamma approximation for the unit deviance is exact only for normal and inverse-Gaussian generalized linear models. I derived the exact distribution of the unit deviances for a gamma generalized linear model and showed that it is a new distribution that I have called "digamma".


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