Background on my project:

I am comparing proteins (nodes) between a network representing protein interactions in metastatic patients v/s another network representing protein interactions in non-metastatic patients.

What I want to do

Briefly, I want to demonstrate that there is a correlation between the value of a protein's characteristic (Intrinsic Disorder) and a network difference parameter (e.g, the higher the Intrinsic Disorder of the protein is, the larger the difference in degree of this protein will be between metastatic and non-metastatic class).

I am looking at building a simple model illustrating the relationship between my dependent variable (degree difference between metastatic and non-metastatic network) and a predictor variable (extent of intrinsic disorder in a given protein).

What I have done

I used the GAMLSS package in R to do a simple regression between my two parameters of interest. However I am unsure about how to go forward to interpret the coefficients and output of this particular regression w.r.t to the relationship between my variables.

Output of my model

Output of my model


1) I understand what the Mu and sigma coefficient relates to the mean and standard deviation of my response,however,is there a way to say that for a unit change in my predictor variable, there is a change x in my dependent variable?


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