While estimating from the survey data involving stratification & clustering survey design and using survey package of r, is it possible to estimate at the cluster level? For eg; for following survey design:

## syntax for stratified cluster sample
dclus=svydesign(id=~dnum, strata=~stype, weights=~pw, data=apistrat, nest=TRUE)

This is an example which is reproduced from the survey package. Here, dnum is district, stype is Elementary/Middle/High School and pw is weight (inverse of probalitlity of the students selected from each of the strata). In this case, can I estimate population parameter at district level? For example, to estimate total enrollment for each of the district:

svyby(~enroll,~dnum, design=dclus, svytotal)

I got the following output:

dnum   enroll       se
 19   21751.32   21751.32
 20   10494.50   10494.50
 25    9416.73    9416.73
 27   26923.30   26923.30
 40   14843.30   14843.30
 41   25774.43   25774.43

I believe this estimation is not correct, as no where I have given the break up of total students at district level (cluster level). Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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