I am trying to forecast predict new observations of interest rates given new data using the DLM modeling framework.

Essentially, my problem is this:

I have a training set (a set of data i want to fit my model to) and a test set (new predictor data, i wish to use to run through the trained model to predict new values of interest rates)

train<-1:(n-20); test<-(n-19):(n-4); 

I have created a training and test set:


Below would be what im using for the independent variables



mod<-dlmModReg(x,addInt=FALSE, dV =1,dW = rep(.60, 11),
          m0 = rep(0, length(dW)),
          C0 = 1e+07 * diag(nrow = length(dW)))


At this stage i want to use the old mod, throw in new data from my testing set:


How do i produce new yt's given my new xt's?

There is the predict() function for lm. Is there an analogous function or way to do this with dlm?


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