I know how to do factor and canonical correlation analysis on raw data in R. But sometimes we only having correlation matrices for the data. I'd like to know any R functions which can take correlation matrices as input for factor and canonical correlation analysis. It is easy to write dedicated functions but it is nicer to have some built-in tested functions.


Ideas for factor analysis and PCA:

# get some Big 5 personality data and pretend we only have cor matrix and n
bfi <- na.omit(bfi[, 1:25])
xcor <- cor(bfi)
xn <- nrow(bfi)

# factor analysis using correlation matrix
factanal(covmat=xcor, n.obs=xn, factors=5)

# Principal components analysis using psych package
psych::principal(r=xcor, n.obs=xn, nfactors=5)

Canonical correlation analysis

  • I don't think CCA or cancor takes correlation matrices as input.
  • You could use one of the sem packages in R to perform canonical correlation analysis. I know that sem can take a correlation matrix as input.
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    $\begingroup$ (+1) Thanks for your nice answer. Would you like to give an example of canonical correlation analysis with sem package. Thanks $\endgroup$ – MYaseen208 Oct 21 '11 at 1:52

For factor analysis, the psych package accepts either raw data or a correlation matrix (see e.g., factor.pa()). About CCA, I'm not aware of a package that would take correlation matrices as input instead of row data tables.


I know this is an old topic, but I was having the same problem and came across this page: Canonical Correlation Analysis. I just tried out this guy's function for myself and it works perfectly (albeit with slightly less output than the better known R functions that only accept raw data as input). Hope this helps you or somebody like you (and me) in the future.


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