I have a small sample of 25. The question of interested has a yes/no response (Do you own a car?) . I then have a series of questions with five point Likert scale responses, strongly disagree to strongly agree and I would like to explore the relationship between these questions and the yes/no car ownership question

I have created two way tabulations, my question is given the small sample size and the fact that my independent variables are measured on a Likert scale, how best should I proceed?

Most guidance that I've found seems to have the Likert scale question as the dependent variable and propose ordinal regression, but I don't think that's what I want to do here. Similarly a $\chi^{2}$ test doesn't seem appropriate, both because of the small sample and the fact that my Likert scale data is ordinal.


My intuition would be to use Mann-Whitney U tests checking the difference between the yes and no groups for each question. Mann-Whitney U tests can be used with ordinal variables and require fewer assumptions about the data - see this other thread.

However, if you have many questions, carrying out many different tests would inflate the risk of false positives, especially if there's correlation between the questions.


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