How to calculate sample size based on Conversion Rate, Minimum Detectable Effect, Statistical power and Significance level. I find two very good online tools that calculate it http://www.evanmiller.org/ab-testing/sample-size.html and http://www.adobe-target.com/testcalculator.html (they results are very close). I can't find formla how to calculate this manually.. I tried to calculate myself but got different(much larger) results.


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I feel your pain. I blew so many hours yesterday looking at sites like:

And none of them provided a formula, which was disappointing, but the really aggravating part was that their results did not match each other's!

Finally, I found a formula:

$n = (Z_{α/2}+Z_β)^2 * (p_1(1-p_1)+p_2(1-p_2)) / (p_1-p_2)^2$

Then it took me several more hours to convert it to an Excel formula that I could actually use, such as:

=(-NORMSINV(0.05/2)+normsinv(0.8))^2*(0.03*(1-0.03)+0.036*(1-0.036))/(0.03-0.036)^2 = 13,911 (Required Observations Per Variation)

(This calculator's result matches that of my Excel formula, which is comforting.)

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And see What to do after calculating the required sample size for a Marketing A-B test for more context.


This calculator has the formulas: http://powerandsamplesize.com/Calculators/Compare-2-Proportions/2-Sample-Equality for pB you need to enter pA+MDE, I believe.


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