I volunteer teach a (very) basic stats course at a local medium/high security prison. My intent is just to get across basic ideas so that the inmates can make some contact with that branch of thinking. I have to purchase my own supplies (and books) and I have a difficult time finding enough of the same kind of book, at a level I like and in sufficient quantities and at a doable price.

This is a very tough prison system and there is essentially nothing but a white board and an eraser. I've constructed a basic set of ten lessons that covers early concepts up to and including hypothesis testing, correlations, regressions.

I would like to find a book to reporduce that is simple yet will provide more background that I can provide to distribute to each class.

These guys generally have weak math backgrounds and no interest beyond 'knowing' something. I have looked at all the links at Free statistical textbooks and they miss the target - either too abbreviated or too complex.

Any help, ideas would be well appraciated.


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