I used BCI to calculate the credible interval I had 3 paramters alpha,gamma and delta and the result is

BCI(mc1)#default 95%
     0.025     0.975     post_mean
alpha 6.086810  9.458011  7.692283
gamma 6.381115 15.355804 10.334151
delta 6.524433 16.210562 10.786478

my question: How can I read this matrix?? is 6.086810 is the lower limit and 9.458011 is the upper limit for paramter alpha??


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Then answer is: Yes. The second column represents the 2.5% quantile and the third column represents the 97.5% quantile of the confidence interval. Then, the 95% BCI is $(6.086810, 9.458011)$.

Recall that there are several types of bootstrap intervals:


and that most of them are already implemented in the R package 'boot':



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