I am trying to determine which type of non-parametric test is most suitable in this situation:

Public and private sector organisations were sampled in a study which aimed to determine what percentage of budget was spent on IT systems and technology upgrades in the previous fiscal year. Results were as below:

Sector % of budget

Public 2.58 5.05 0.05 2.10 4.30 2.25 2.50 1.95 2.33

Private 5.40 2.55 9.00 10.55 1.02 5.11 24.42 1.67 3.33

What kind of test can I use to determine whether the percentage expenditure is greater for the private than the public sector?

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This can be done with a Wilcoxon Rank Sum test. If you are using R you can run


And this should produce the results your looking for.

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