At this link, there is an example of finding feature ranking using RFE in SVM linear kernel.

If I want to check feature ranking in other SVM kernel (eg. rbf, poly etc).How to do it?

I have changed the kernel in the code from SVR(kernel="linear") to SVR(kernel="rbf"),

from sklearn.datasets import make_friedman1
from sklearn.feature_selection import RFE
from sklearn.svm import SVR
X, y = make_friedman1(n_samples=50, n_features=10, random_state=0)
estimator = SVR(kernel="linear")
selector = RFE(estimator, 5, step=1)
selector = selector.fit(X, y)

and then I get this error

ValueError: coef_ is only available when using a linear kernel

Question: How to check feature ranking in other SVM kernels eg rbf, poly etc?


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To use RFE, it is a must to have a supervised learning estimator which attribute coef_ is available, this is the case of the linear kernel. The error you are getting is because coef_ is not for SVM using kernels different from Linear. It is in RFE documentation

A walk-around solution is presented in Feature selection for support vector machines with RBF kernel by Quanzhong Liu et. al.

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    $\begingroup$ I dont understand what was the the point of giving -ve points on this question. I am clearly asking how to check feature ranking in other SVM kernels (which are not linear) $\endgroup$
    – Umar
    May 31, 2016 at 11:52

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