I would like to test for cross-sectionally dependent residuals in my panelmodel (pooled). I found pcdtest() in plm package and tried pcdtest(mod, test="cd"), which yielded p = 0.03845. However, pcdtest(mod, test="lm") gave me p = 0.2266.

According to plm documentation test="cd" uses Pesaran's CD statistic, while test="lm" uses Breusch/Pagan's LM statistic.

What is the difference between test="lm" and test="cd", in practical terms?


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From Baltagi (2005, 3rd edition), p. 247:

Monte Carlo experiments show that the standard Breusch–Pagan LM test performs badly for N > T panels, whereas Pesaran’s CD test performs well even for small T and large N.


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