I came across a kaggle challenge where you have to predict the probabilities for all matchups in a basketball tournament. I was already working with classification and regression algorithms like SVM, Naive Bayes, Random Forests, Nerual Networks etc. Therefore I used R and the caret package. But as the result you always get the final classificated class without the respective probability. E.g. it would either classify 1 if the team home wins and 0 when the team away wins. How can you predict the respective probability that you can say team home has a 82% chance to win?


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I assume you use the predict() function in R. You can specify the output you want. For example type="response" or type="prob". Type "prob" and/or "raw" (depending on the model) will output class probability.


# Predicting class
pred_class <- predict(model, test_set, type="response")
# Predicting probability of class
pred_prob <- predict(model, test_set, type="prob")

Edit: Arguments in the predict.train {caret} (http://www.inside-r.org/packages/cran/caret/docs/predict.train):

type either "raw" or "prob", for the number/class predictions or class probabilities, respectively. Class probabilities are not available for all classification models


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