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I am using a denoising autoencoder for pre-training of a neural network for dimensionality reduction. I want to use the weights learned in the pre-training step for finetuning with dropout. Should I still rescale the learned weights from pre-training in the initialization even if the denoising level is chosen to be the same as the dropout rate?

In detail: I have a network like this: 1000-100-10-100-1000. I use pre-training: 1000-100-1000; 100-10-100. Denoising level 0.3. Learning W1, W2. The full network is initialized with W1-W2-W2.T-W1.T. In training this network using a dropout rate of 0.3 would I still need to employ the technique of rescaling the weights from pre-training as in this paper?


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Short answer: yes, you should scale up the weights at test time (or scale them down during training). See my answer to the other question.


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