I've got a study with two radiologist's reading chest x-rays and want to calculate Cohen's kappa of their agreement. The kappa2 function in the "irr" package and cohen.kappa in "psych" can both give me an answer but don't generate a 95% confidence interval. Is there any good way to do this in R as well?

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    $\begingroup$ The documentation for cohen.kappa in psych suggests that it does, in fact, produce $\alpha/2$ confidence intervals. $\endgroup$ Apr 21, 2016 at 15:39
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    $\begingroup$ A simple way is to use bootstrap. Provide your complete code and I can try working out the bootstrap percentile confidence interval. $\endgroup$ Apr 23, 2016 at 10:02

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If you have two raters, no missing ratings, and are using the 1960 unweighted kappa, you can calculate the conditional variance using the following formula (see references below):

$$ v = \frac{1-f}{n(1-p_e)^2}\Bigg( p_a(1-p_a)-4(1-\kappa)\Big(\sum_{k=1}^qp_{kk}\hat{\pi}_k-p_a p_e\Big)+4(1-\kappa)^2\Big(\sum_{k=1}^q\sum_{l=1}^qp_{kl}[(p_{Al}+p_{Bl})/2]^2-p_e^2\Big)\Bigg) $$

This variance estimate can then be used to calculate the bounds of a confidence interval.

$$ CI = \kappa \pm \sqrt{v}\times t_{(1-\alpha/2, n-1)}$$


Fleiss, J. L., Nee, J. C. M., & Landis, J. R. (1979). The large sample variance of kappa in the case of different sets of raters. Psychological Bulletin, 86, 974-977.

Gwet, K. L. (2008). Computing inter-rater reliability and its variance in the presence of high agreement. British Journal of Mathematical and Statistical Psychology, 61, 29-48.


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