I have Group A, B, C. My hypotheses are"

1) proportions of C are different from proportions of A (=independance)
2) proportions of C are different from proportions of B (=independance)
3) proportions of A are NOT different from proportions of B (=NO independance)

Is there something like post-hoc contrasts for chi-squared, so I can test all my hypotheses in ONE modell and not have alpha inflation?

Intuitively I would test C against a composite of A and B but that still doesnt test if A is different/independent

There is a post on Stackoverflow regarding this topic, but there wasn't an answer.


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The R Package 'pairwise.prop.test()' does the post-hoc job. One can also define several methods of adjusting p-value. However, this is only a post-hoc test and no planned comparisons.


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