I am currently writing up my 4th year dissertation in Ecology having completed fieldwork and analysis on the effects of various environmental variables on Butterfly abundance.

I have conductuded a GLM in R that has a series of both categorical and continuous variables and have conducted model simplification, so that I am now left with the following analysis of deviance output in R after running the GLM: enter image description here

I have only ever previously reported ANOVA results using the F statistic in the fashion of (Fx,x=, P=) reporting both the F statistic with both degrees of freedom and the P value for each variable.

However, from this analysis of variance table, their is no F statistic so I am unsure as to how to report the findings of these results?

I know that this summary output can be converted into an ANOVA output using the coommand:

aov(X, test="F")

However, this changes the significance of the P values of some of my variables and I have been advised during a stats course that I only need to report the results from the Analysis of variance table.

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for exactly how I should report the significance of each variable please?

Thanks in advance,



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