I have a very large dataset that looks like

string                      x
this-is-a-nice-sentence     1
hello-my-name-bird          0
yay-this-is-awesome         1

Basically I want to understand what are the words that most likely predict x=1 (success).

How can I do that in Python? Thanks!


One approach is to create binary variables that indicates if the current sentence consists of a certain word. From your example, you can basically construct your training data in the following way:

  1. Combine all your sentences, make sure they are all small cases so that we don't duplicate count same word with capital letters. In your example, the unique words are:


You can also remove stop words like "is" or "a" since these words are kind of not useful. You can find a list of stop words online.

  1. Construct the training data where each column is a word in your unique words list and for each row of your data (i.e. sentence), you check if that word is in this sentence, if yes, then label 1 for that column and 0 otherwise. Then for your label vector (y variable), you will simply have [1, 0, 1] in your case.

  2. Train your model, which ever model you like and see the performance and keep improving it.


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